This apartment is strictly residential. Meetings are not allowed in the general/common areas. Meeting rooms are available in the premises.

At mmm House Abuja, we have spaces for meetings and personal gatherings. If you desire to host a meeting outside your room, please contact the front desk by dialing 611.

We also have Virtual offices that are available for use by guests at subsidized rates.


The Rose Banquet Hall of mmmHouse is a conference, leisure and business destination of choice for government, corporates, small and medium enterprises, NGOs, social organizations, family, groups and individuals.

The Rose Hall is ideal for: Executive retreats, Annual General Meetings, Board meetings, workshops and trainings, receptions, banqueting, conference, trainings, wedding receptions, cocktails, red carpet events, social events, church meetings and lots more.

The hall accommodates 150 persons in theatre style and 75 persons in banquet style. In regards to conferencing support facilities the Rose Banquet Hall offers (at extra charges):

  • Multi-media power-point projector
  • DVD Player
  • Flip Chart
  • Public Address System and microphones.


The mmm Open Space is a medium-sized open area in the front of mmmHouse with natural daylight. It can accommodate 200 persons in Theatre Style and 100 in Banquet style.

The Open Space is ideal for all types of outdoor events, like Banquets, Award Nights & Dinner, Red carpet event, wedding, birthday party, end of the year party, etc. The cool ambience will make you relax and enjoy the event.


Our Training Rooms make your trainings and meetings convenient. They are equipped with all you need for a learning–friendly environment.

Just show up and get straight down to business. You can book by the hour or the day.

THE T.J. DENNIS TRAINING ROOM [10 – 40 Persons – the first half of the Rose Hall]

The T.J. Dennis Room can be used for meetings, trainings, seminars, and workshops.

It is equipped with standard Seats, Projector, Flip Chart Stand, White Board Stand, White Board Markers, and Uninterrupted Power Supply

NOTE: The Venerable Thomas John Dennis (Archdeacon of Onitsha) translated the Bible into the Igbo language.

He died when the ship in which he was traveling was torpedoed by the German Navy on the 1st of August, 1917 (during the first World War). Miraculously, his translated manuscript washed ashore, a gift from a caring, humble missionary.

The first secondary school in Igboland – Dennis Memorial Grammar School, Onitsha (founded in 1925) -is a worthy tribute to the “greatest of all who have made a lasting impression on Igbo life and thought.”


[Can hold 10 – 40 Persons – the second half of the Rose Hall]

FACILITIES: Standard Seats, Flip Chart Stand, White Board Stand, White Board Markers, Constant Power Supply.

NOTE: Janani Jakaliya Luwum was the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi & Zaire.

He was shot on February 16, 1977, for criticizing the dictator, Idi Amin. His death heralded a chain of events leading to the fall of Amin.

Janani Luwum Day (16 February) is a public holiday in Uganda, making Luwum the first clergyman of any denomination since the Reformation to have a holiday in his honour.

Two representatives of mass medical mission (mmm) attended the 45th anniversary of the Archbishop’s death, which took place in Uganda in February 2017.