For your excellent Service, Comfort and and Hospitality, the following are some of our guidelines you should note:

  1. Check-in & Check-out: Check-out time is 12 pm; Check-in time is 1pm
  • Late check-out: If you would like to stay longer, please contact front desk. Additional charge of 50% until 6:00pm is made for late departure. After 6:00pm 100% of charges apply.
  • Early arrival: Should you arrive at the Apartment prior to the normal check-in time, you are advised to approach the Front Desk for assistance in storing your luggage until check-in is available. If arriving early, you are also advised to consider making a reservation for the evening prior to your arrival.
  • No show: In case of no show for confirmed bookings, there is no refund; the amount you paid is credited to for future use. Please note that mmmHouse practices a strict ‘no refund’ policy for all services.
  • Free parking: Guests may park no more than two vehicles per room.
  • Room Key: Please lock your door and take the key with you, whenever you leave your room. Drop the key at the reception, whenever you leave the premises. Loss of key attracts a replacement charge of N2,000.
  • Baggage: Guests can store baggage (except money and valuables) for free at the front desk. For bulky luggages (>20kg or bulkier than an average suitcase) a charge is N2,000/day applies after 48 hours.
  • Free internet access – ask the front desk for details.
  • Animals: Pets are not allowed in this Apartment and the guest rooms.
  • Number of guests in single room: The maximum number of guests in a single room is 2 adults + 2 children (below 6 years old). An extra charge of 25% (for adults & children) applies for each extra occupant.
  1. The Rose Hall: this hall on the first floor of the apartment seats 150 people and is available at a discount (5%) for in-house guests who are staying for at least 7 days (normal rate is N50,000 per day)
  1. Airport shuttle: 24-hour airport shuttle service is available for all guests (free for extended and long-stay guests). Please give at least 3 hours’ notice prior to your arrival or departure.
  1. Groceries/Provisions: You can purchase toiletries and other provisions at the mmmHouse grocery. The grocery is well-stocked (please see the list of available items and their prices on pages 21-28 of this booklet)
  1. Food Delivery/ Catering Service: We have a variety of catering options (buffet, a la carte and room service). Please book your meals and choose your options a day in advance.
  1. Housekeeping: Daily housekeeping takes place between 7am and 6pm
  1. Toiletries: Extra toiletries are provided in the rooms. When these are exhausted, guests are expected to purchase additional supplies from the grocery. We do not provide daily supplies of toiletries.
  1. Meetings: This apartment is strictly residential. Meetings are not allowed in general/common areas. Meeting rooms are available in the premises – contact the front desk. Virtual offices are also available.
  1. Limitation: Illegal, criminal and immoral activities are not permitted anywhere in the premises.
  1. Contact: Enquiries/minor complaints: call 09060009273 |Major issues: contact 0810616111(sms only).
  • Liability: mmmHouse accepts no liability for any valuables or property kept in the premises or around the Apartment, including cars, money, jewelry or contents of baggage left or stored at the front desk.