The following is the conduct you can expect from our staff:

  • Staff are to maintain the rules, principles and policies of the company
  • Staff should not be involved in any form of law violation, bribery or theft
  • Staff should not solicit for gifts or special favours.
  • Staff should remember that they are acting in a host capacity to guests
  • Staff should demonstrate respect for culture, religion and diversity
  • Our organization has no tolerance for sexual harassment, sexual abuse or sexual exploitation
  • Staff should always act in a professional manner when attending to guests
  • Staff should maintain confidentiality – except with the guest’s express permission, they should never disclose to a third party that a guest is staying or has stayed in mmmHouse; nor should they devolve any information about a guest.
  • Staff should maintain a calm demeanour at all times when dealing with conflicts or complaints
  • Staff should not display or post any offensive images or comments around the work place
  • Ours is a self-service apartment, therefore staff are not permitted or expected to ‘run errands’ for guests
  • Any personal errands requested for by a guest must be communicated to the Owner’ Rep